MEMSRIGHT offers a wide variety of Engineering, Fabrication, and Integrated Services that will help reduce the time from idea to production.
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Approach to Development

MEMSRIGHT now owns the process, tool, building block integration, and technology development business process intellectual property developed by SVTC Technologies.
Over its 10 year history SVTC Technologies provided development and commercialization services for innovative technologies and products in it's 200/300mm capable fabs in San Jose, California and Austin, Texas. Valuable knowledge and experience was leaned while building devices for rapidly growing markets such as MEMS, microfluidics, high voltage, and TSV that are used in a wide array of industries.
This knowledge and experience was transferred to MEMSRIGHT to provide the foundation to help our customers take advantage of expert MEMS know-how from the very start, and to build new and unique capabilities quickly.

This included critical MEMS process and integration knowledge which can be used by MEMSRIGHT customers.