MEMSRIGHT offers a wide variety of Engineering, Fabrication, and Integrated Services that will help reduce the time from idea to production.
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MEMSRIGHT also provides other services to help our customers succeed in the marketplace.

IP licensing

The Process/Integration/Test Vehicle MEMS IP that was purchased from SVTC, as well as new IP created by MEMSRIGHT, is available for licensing by customers to speed their time to market

Single Step or Short Flow Wafer Processing

Test wafers and short flow integration processing is available using the capability of MEMSRIGHT's tools and facility to fill gaps that customers may have in their own capability

Machine and Cleanroom/Lab Space Leasing

Individual process tools are available for leasing, and cleanroom/lab space is available for leasing to provide facilities for customers who don't want to build their own facility.


MEMSRIGHT can prepare training material and offer training classes on technical and operational topics related to MEMS Processing