MEMSRIGHT offers a wide variety of Engineering, Fabrication, and Integrated Services that will help reduce the time from idea to production.
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Whether Pilot Production is needed for a device created at MEMSRIGHT,or a device is transferred into the MEMSRIGHT facility specifically for Specialty Products, our Fabrication Services will allow customers to achieve high yields with on-time delivery to meet their needs.

Pilot/Specialty Manufacturing

Material run in the MEMSRIGHT fab will be handled by trained operator/specialist on production grade tooling and using state-of-the-art quality systems found in high volume foundries. Our MEMS engineering expertise is used to solve issues and improve yields. Competitive pricing, outstanding quality, and world class on-time delivery are our commitment.

Simulation, Packaging, Testing Support

While device development and production are our key expertise, we will assist customers to take advantage of the expertise of our partners through the Innovation Ecosystem networks. This allows our customers to establish a complete supply chain with companies that are the best at what they do in MEMS simulation, packaging, and testing.