MEMSRIGHT offers a wide variety of Engineering, Fabrication, and Integrated Services that will help reduce the time from idea to production.
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MEMSRIGHT Engineering Services are designed to help our customers to prove out the functionality of their devices and to help them design and implement manufacturable flows to achieve high yield from the start.

Development Engineering Services

New Concept Sandbox

Allows the customer to do exploratory work to look at new concepts and ideas using the MEMSRIGHT facility and engineering expertise. This can be useful even for companies which have their own fabrication facilities but can not get priority or permission to run development projects in their production environment.

Device Commercialization

Drives a device through the entire commercialization process, starting with modelling and simulation, through proof of concept functionality and validation, and into pilot production in the MEMSRIGHT fab. The service is performed following the MEMSRIGHT Technology Development Process to insure that the development work done during each phase is focused on producing a production worthy process flow.

Production Engineering Services

Transfer-in to fab

Takes an device currently running in another fab and replicates functionality and yield using the MEMSRIGHT facility. This may be done using a direct copy of the device processes and flow from the transfer fab, or by smart use of existing/new MEMSRIGHT-specific capabilities.

Transfer-out to Volume Manufacturing

For customers who need production volumes larger than what can be supported at MEMSRIGHT, this drives the changes/improvement of device process flow being run in MEMSRIGHT to meet transfer specifications and to smart-match the capabilities of the customer-chosen high volume foundry receiving the transfer.

Production Yield Enhancement

Once a process flow is running in pilot production, improvement are made to increase yield and capability for running the device as specialty production volumes in the MEMSRIGHT fab

New Mask Set Introduction

Introduction of a new device mask set for pilot/specialty production using an existing MEMSRIGHT device process flow which is currently being used for pilot/specialty production on another device.