MEMSRIGHT offers a wide variety of Engineering, Fabrication, and Integrated Services that will help reduce the time from idea to production.
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support the establishment of the company by the State Ministry of industry, science and Technology Department of Jiangsu Province, Suzhou Industrial Park Administrative Committee, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Suzhou Institute of nanotechnology, belonging to the Nanopolis Suzhou Co., Ltd (the national capital) wholly-owned subsidiary. The company has completed the construction of infrastructure of 33000 square meters, planning and clean use area of 7000 square meters, the site design process is 6 inches, 8 inches and compatible. The first input using a 6 inch area of 3400 square meters (100 class and class ten clean grade), public super net rental area of 2000 square meters (1000 and 10000 clean grade).

the company can provide 6 inch MEMS process design and processing services, 6 - 8 inch MEMS packaging and testing services and the characteristics of single step processing services: including SOI process, electroplating, silicon epitaxial process, special film technology, at the same time the company also provides clean venue rental services, equipment leasing services. The company attaches great importance to the cultivation of the R & D team, the technology innovation ability and standard accumulated as a long-term development strategy. Through cooperation with customers to optimize the product development process, the protection mechanism of enhancing customer patent technology, implementation and customers to grow sturdily.

the value idea of our company is to support a number of outstanding, MEMS design companies in high growth and its products, to promote its rapid growth, to establish long-term cooperative relations of mutual trust, so that the company and its customers to obtain win-win. The company by creating China MEMS process and product development, pilot OEM brand, leading the MEMS industry aggregation of resources and development.