Quality and IP Management
Producing quality products and using quality systems to do our work is the number 1 job for MEMSRIGHT employees and for doing business.
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IP Independence and Security

The ability to use and protect intellectual property produced which the customer or MEMRIGHT owns is essential for the creation and commercialization of products. MEMSRIGHT offers a flexible approach to allowing customers to use their own IP at MEMSRIGHT or using MEMSRIGHT IP for their product.

The protection of customer IP is a major concern for companies doing technology development in a MEMS fab, especially in China. MEMSRIGHT takes IP Security very seriously.There are many types of IP assets to protect:

MEMSRIGHT has implemented a specially tailored "Confidential and Secure Program", based on a process developed at SVTC Technologies, to insure the security of customer IP.
Eight types of vectors are controlled.
Knowledge (ex: compartmentalization, alias, labeling, need to know)         Systems (ex: computers)
Communications (ex: info exchanges) Wafer and Fab/Lab
Access Camera
For each control, MEMSRTGHT and our customers must understand and follow their respective roles as outlined in this program.