MEMSRIGHT has the MEMS Know-how, the Tool/Process Capabilities, and the Disciplined Technology Development Methodology to help customers create a manufacturable way to produce wide variety of MEMS devices
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The MEMS IP Mart will offer a variety of services to its customers, and will contract with an IP analytic service partner who has will access to a world wide patent database and have extensive expertise analyzing patents and IP.

Analysis services include
  • Identifying key technology patents in the client’s field of use that would be important for them to know.
  • Defining a client’s patent portfolio position compared to competitors in China and/or internationally.
  • Finding areas where innovation may be needed to guide their research and development, or other fields where the client’s patents could be used.
  • Understanding where existing patents cover a field of use to identify possible areas of patent infringement.
The Matchmaking service will make introductions between owners, potential licensees/buyers, and facilities where the patents could be practiced, and assist clients to make the connections needed to accomplish their goals.
Marketing services will take advantage of the linkage with the CSIA and the MEMS division, along with other domestic and international channels, to get client information to potential customers.
  • Clients will be able to choose companies to contact, and IP Mart will distribute information to email announcements to the key individuals in companies within the channels.
  • IP Mart will link clients to the appropriate individuals and help set up meetings
  • IP Mart will organize group meetings with multiple companies in a market for a client