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What is MEMS IP Mart?

  • The need to increase the speed of introducing innovative new products to the marketplace is being pushed even harder by the creation of the Internet of Things.
    The high cost of innovation and the time to develop the ability of innovate makes the choices more difficult.
    Companies must be able to figure out what areas require innovation and focus their resources on creating those innovations, not on re-inventing solutions. If the company can find out that a solution has already been created, it may make sense for them to obtain a license to use that solution so that they can focus on other substantial issues.
Also, the knowledge of existing patents worldwide can be used to point to areas where innovation is required,by performing an analytical analysis on the worldwide database.
Licensing may allow a faster, cheaper way to get to revenue than re-inventing.

The MEMS IP Mart is designed to help companies to speed up new product introduction by
  • Showing them where they can spend their resources to innovate
  • Finding them find potential patents they can license
  • Matching them up whit IP owners to facilitate licensing
  • Marketing the IP they own to interested companies
  • Helping them identify other companies where they can practice and use the IP they have
  • Finding new fields of use where their IP might be used

The MEMS IP Mart is
  • A state owned enterprise in China, part of the National IP initiative, and affiliated with the Chinese IP Bureau.
  • Funded by the local and national government to provide its services to help Chinese companies bring innovative new products to the market in a short time.
  • Closely linked with the MEMS Branch of the Chinese Semiconductor Industry Association, which has over 200 member companies working in the fields of MEMS design, device fabrication, packaging, and test.
  • Planning on working with both domestic Chinese and international companies