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MEMSRIGHT's Innovation Ecosystem provides a complete set of resources for a MEMS customer to develop and produce their products
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Yangtze Delta Ecosystem

An Innovation Ecosystem has been created in Suzhou-Wuxi-ShangHai corridor. The availability of this ecosystem and networks using the service providers within it provide a straightforward way for new companies to get started as well as for international companies to implement a strategy to work and sell products in China.
These resources cover all aspects of the process, starting from design and device fabrication, through packaging and testing, and even include funding and business set-up as well as the ability to scale production to high volume.

This ecosystem is made up of form the membership of the MEMS division of the Chinese Semiconductor Industry Association, an organization that represents over 200 MEMS-related companies and whose headquarters are located in Suzhou. It also includes the over 40 companies in Suzhou Industrial Park alone. These companies in the ecosystem include Design/Fabless companies, R&D/foundry services platforms, packaging and testing companies, and integrated application companies.
In addition to industry members, related Institutes and Universities such as the Institute of Electronics, and Suzhou Institute for Nanotech and Nanobionics (SiNano) are also part of the ecosystem to inject new concepts and ideas. The ecosystem has domestic and international partners to give the members access to information and opportunities located around China and throughout the world.

The relationships between the network partners, required to hold the networks together, will be solidified using support from the local city, Jiangsu province, and national governments with the combined desire to see the area be a world class innovation and commercial site with international recognition.
There are three starting network partners to support an initial network linking simulation, fabrication, packaging and test.
MEMSRIGHT, the First Pure Play MEMS Foundry in China, is the fabrication partner.

Nanopolis Suzhou Co., Ltd, is the Funding and Infrastructure Partner

  • Nanopolis is creator of the “MEMS/Nanotech Ecosystem” and the China International Nanotech Innovation Cluster and designer/Manager of “Nanopolis” Technology Park. It has an investor function focusing on early stage MEMS/nanotech startups with connection to other venture capital companies. Nanopolis serves as headquarters for MEMS branch of Semiconductor Industry Association, and is the organizer of yearly CHINano Conference & Expo. It is a partner with Microsystems and Nano Engineering Journal starting in 2015. Nanopolis Suzhou Co., Ltd is state-owned company.
Amkor Technology is our MEMS Packaging and Testing partner.

Amkor, one of the world’s largest providers of contract semiconductor assembly and test services, will provide small to medium-size foundry-type manufacturing services for MEMS devices and jointly develop MEMS technology with MEMSRIGHT.