Innovation Ecosystem
MEMSRIGHT's Innovation Ecosystem provides a complete set of resources for a MEMS customer to develop and produce their products
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What is an Innovation Ecosystem?

One of the key requirements for a MEMS company to quickly take ideas for new products to market is to have a complete set of resources required to develop and produce those products.
These resources cover all aspects of the process, starting from design and device fabrication, through packaging and testing, and even include funding and business set-up as well as the ability to scale production to high volume.

These networks would be composed of individual service companies with specific expertise linked together as network partners to provide their services to the MEMS company. These networks could be managed by the customer, by one of the companies in the network, or by an outside entity.
Because different MEMS devices require different capabilities to produce them, and one company may need different combinations of services than another, a number of different networks will have to be created.

This drives the need for a variety of service providers in the ecosystem, including multiple providers in the same functional area (such as packaging) which are needed to support the different products within the different networks.